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What Matters Most FAQ

What is the What matters most program?

“What matters most” is Northwell Health’s Employee Giving Program. It's a way for employees to support and champion the mission of Northwell Health by donating money to the hospital or program of their choice.

Why is fundraising important to Northwell Health?

Philanthropic contributions are an important component of Northwell Health’s ability to operate at its full potential and keep our communities well with life-changing treatments and breakthrough innovations.

The reality we and all healthcare providers face, is that there is a gap between the resources we have and what we need to keep our communities well and continue to innovate. This gap is made smaller through the generosity of others. In fact, as a nonprofit organization, donations are a major source of operating capital. Last year alone, we received more than $177 million in donations from generous individuals – including many of our own employees — as well as businesses and foundations. 

Why is it important that Northwell Health team members give back?

We know that you already give 110% and go the extra mile for your colleagues, your patients and their families. In addition, many employees already contribute directly to other Northwell fundraising efforts such as the Northwell Health Walk and Casual for Cohen.

Providing additional opportunities to give can strengthen morale and our collective commitment to Northwell’s mission. It also fuels innovation and helps transform how we care for our patients. Supporting Northwell in this way demonstrates that we just don’t make a difference – we are the difference.

You are our most influential ambassadors. The act of giving your hard earned dollars – no matter the amount – can inspire others in our community to give, or give more.

How was the Employee Giving Program created? Were any Northwell team members involved in its development?

Yes. The Foundation worked with a cross-functional, collaborative team to conduct focus group sessions across the health system to ask for input and perspective from all levels of staff throughout our organization. Based on what they told us, the overall program theme, “What matters most” and mission statement were born. Their feedback also highlighted the importance of providing opportunities for employees to give directly to the sites where they work and care for patients.

How was the program name chosen?

What does “What matters most” mean? The program’s name and mission ties together our team members’ passion for our patients and what they do every day with the impact of philanthropy, which supports our growth and enables us to support ‘what matters most’ – providing better health care for our patients.

How can I participate in the Employee Giving Program?

There are a number of ways to participate in this new program. You can enroll in payroll deduction through the ‘myGiving’ option under myApplications on the mySelfService landing page. You can also make a one-time gift through the Foundation website at If you would like to contribute myRecognition points, visit After logging in, select the ‘Browse gallery’ link under ‘Shop’ which will show various options for redeeming your points, including ‘Contribute to Northwell Health.’ On the next page, you can choose to support any of our hospitals and many of our programs with contribution levels ranging from 204 to 20,500 points. Additional ways to participate include making a donation through the Northwell Health Walk each May and participating in Casual for Cohen every November.

What will What matters most Ambassadors do?

You’ll be the leaders of What matters most. You’ll drive participation, you’ll help reach goals. When people contribute their time and money, Ambassadors will show them where it went and how it helped.

You’ll open everyone’s eyes to the ways we can all be part of something bigger. Giving isn’t just about direct donations. It’s about participation too – things like the Northwell Health Walk, Casual for Cohen and local fundraising. Ambassadors will connect the dots and help people to see the full picture – what they can really achieve.

Most importantly, you’ll make sure everyone knows the value of giving a little more each, to secure a better future for us all. Could you lead to help us lead?

What do What matters most Ambassadors look like?

They look like you and me. The program is open to all team members and we need people from across the organization. It’s not a hard sell, think approachable and friendly – able to inspire others through your own enthusiasm.

If inspiring other people sounds like a new direction for you, that’s ok. Being an Ambassador is also about learning new skills. The first step is being passionate about making a difference. If you can bring that, we’ll support you with everything else.

You’ll meet new people and work with others just as committed as you. And it won’t go unnoticed – we’ll bring our Ambassadors together each summer to learn and share new skills and celebrate how going that extra mile allows the organization to go much, much further.

If we believe in ourselves, others will too.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador?

If you think you might be Ambassador material, reach out to Tracie Saitta in the Northwell Health Foundation at [email protected] or (516) 321- 6222.

What will my donation support? Can I choose what areas/services to support?

Yes. Your donation will support the service, program or facility you choose from among the priorities that have been identified by the Foundation team in partnership with Northwell leadership. These key health system priorities were selected because they warrant immediate financial support to advance programs, facility enhancements and patient care. You can also make an unrestricted general donation.

What percentage of what I donate actually benefits our programs and services?

For every dollar you donate, 90 cents will go toward the service, program or facility you choose to support from the list of organizational priorities.

Is there a minimum gift to be part of the Employee Giving Program?

Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated. However, the minimum gift for payroll deduction per pay period is $1. What’s important is your participation!

Is participation in the Employee Giving program mandatory?

No. Financial contributions are completely voluntary.

Will I be recognized for my gift?

Absolutely. You also have the option of giving anonymously.

What does it mean to give anonymously?

When you give anonymously, your name will be listed as anonymous on any donor recognition.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this program?

Please contact the Northwell Health Foundation at [email protected] or (516) 321-6222.

The Northwell Health Employee Giving Program

No matter how big or small, your donation means we’ll be able to support what matters most together and make a real difference to patients' lives.

Make a one-time gift

Enroll in payroll deduction through the ‘myGiving’ option under myApplications on the mySelfService landing page.

Enroll in payroll deduction

You can choose to support any of our hospitals and many of our programs through myRecognition points.

Share myRecognition points

You can download our printable gift form and mail the completed form to the Northwell Health Foundation central office.

Download printable gift form

You can send us an email at [email protected] or call (516) 321-6222.