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Why we need your support
Every gift to this campaign fuels Northwell’s mission and ambition to fearlessly disrupt the expected standards. Across Northwell, we believe in the power and potential impact of taking on challenges and going where others won’t. Our ambition is to innovate, and it’s part of everything we do.

Support our mission

Your gift powers our vision to raise the standard of health care.

Our hospitals

Every gift allows us to reach out to our communities and deliver the very best care across New York and beyond.
At Northwell Health, we’re healers delivering the very best care across New York and beyond, helping people live their healthiest lives. We’re working to give the world a new kind of medicine — taking what we uncover in our studies and laboratories, and turning our discoveries into new treatments for our patients, right here and now.

Specialty care

Every gift creates new practices, treatments, and therapies that move and strengthen our communities.
We don’t just look different from any other health care system. We are different. And it’s because of our difference — because of our healers, educators, and researchers, working so closely together — that we're able to leverage expertise to implement change almost immediately, giving our patients unprecedented access to new treatments.

Our research

Every gift builds on the momentum of our researchers' lifesaving discoveries.
The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research is the heartbeat of our system. It houses 12 research programs and more than 55 laboratories in the top echelon of NIH-grant-receiving institutions. It’s where world-class talent works together—without silos—to create breakthrough discoveries for improved patient outcomes.
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Remember a loved one. Celebrate a milestone. Make a difference.
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Make a real difference in patients' lives through What Matters Most: The Northwell Health Employee Giving Program.
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Thank a physician, a nurse or a support staff who has made a remarkable impact in your care.
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Establishing an endowment is a powerful way you can accelerate innovation at Northwell Health.
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