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Walk Series: Ngozi Avah at Staten Island

The Avah family with the twins

As we gear up for the Northwell Health Walk, we ask our friends, neighbors, patients and colleagues about what inspires them to support the #NorthwellWalk. Whether walking at Jones Beach, East End or Staten Island, everyone has a story to tell. This is the second part of the Walk Series.

We spoke with Ngozi Avah, who at only 25-weeks pregnant with twins was rushed to Staten Island University Hospital with complications. Now, she is participating in the Northwell Health Walk to support the creation of the Gruppuso Family Women and Newborn Center.


Tell us about your experience at Staten Island University Hospital.
One night I was experiencing severe pains and bleeding. My husband arrived home from work on the morning of September 16, saw me in pain, and rushed me to the emergency department. I was 25-weeks pregnant with twins. I underwent several tests and found out my water broke for one of the babies. After some discussion with the doctors, the consensus was to try and hold off a little bit longer, but complications grew worse. Four days later, I was rushed to the hospital once again, but this time for an emergency C-section. After already having two healthy twin boys just three years ago, I never expected something like this to happen. On September 20, 2018, I gave birth to two beautiful girls, Daniella weighing 2lbs 1oz. and Emmanuella weighing 1lb. 11oz.

How is your family doing now?
It was a long and rocky road, but we never gave up hope. Our prayers were answered and by Christmas morning our babies were home. Both are healthy and only needing to take vitamins. Their brothers are thrilled to have them home now. When they come home from daycare, they rush to sit on the couch, just so they can hold them. They light up with joy saying “my little sisters.”

On September 20, 2018, Ngozi gave birth to two beautiful girls, Daniella weighing 2lbs 1oz. and Emmanuella weighing 1lb. 11oz.

What inspired you to participate in the Northwell Health Walk? 
The team at Staten Island University Hospital did an amazing job. From the moment we were rushed to the emergency room, they took good care of us and kept us calm throughout the experience. One of the doctors in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit told us, the most important part of the healing process is to be here for your children, as much as you can. My husband and I alternated shifts, and we truly took that advice to heart. We wanted to share our story in hopes of helping others. Care for women and newborns on Staten Island is desperately needed, and the Northwell Health Walk contributes directly to this cause.

What would you say to the Staten Island community to inspire them to participate?
I never thought I’d see this happening — seeing myself in this condition especially after having twin boys already. But this just proved it can happen to anyone. Having my babies so early was never a thought that crossed my mind, and there I was at 25-weeks pregnant giving birth. This is why we need to support these programs and help families in case it happens to them. Life-saving equipment and state-of-the-art facilities can make a big difference.

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