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Employee Giving

Walk Series: Melody Mahla at Jones Beach

Melody Mahla with her son.

As we gear up for the Northwell Health Walk, we ask our friends, neighbors, patients and colleagues about what inspires them to support the #NorthwellWalk. Whether walking at Jones Beach, East End or Staten Island, everyone has a story to tell.

Melody Mahla tells us why fundraising to support the purchase of the latest generation echocardiogram machine at Cohen Children’s Medical Center means so much to her and her family. She has supported her colleagues at the Northwell Health Walk for the last three years but is thrilled to finally be an active participant herself this year. Not only is Melody walking with her co-workers, she is the team captain!

What is the best part of your job?
As director of Claims Management for Northwell Corporate Risk Management, the best part of my role involves working with my fellow Risk Management colleagues, along with representatives from many different departments, to improve safety and reduce risk across the organization.

What inspired you to participate in the Northwell Health Walk at Jones Beach? How long have you been participating?
Both my children and I have been patients of and received excellent care from Cohen Children’s Medical Center and Katz Women’s Hospital, so I am excited to help raise funds to support research innovation and the purchase of new technology. At 20 weeks pregnant, I learned that my baby may have a potential heart irregularity. A few weeks later, my son had his first echocardiogram in utero. All major heart defects were ruled out, however, he was born with a murmur. Now, 18 months old, my son has had two more echocardiograms since birth in order to determine if it was an innocent murmur, which it appears to be. Because of my experience, learning that fundraising would go toward the purchase of the latest generation echocardiogram machine was particularly meaningful to me.  

I have contributed to Risk Management’s fundraising efforts the past three years, but have been unable to walk because I was either enormously pregnant or newly postpartum. I am excited to be able to walk for the first time this year, with my children in tow!

quotation mark Because of my experience, learning that fundraising would go toward the purchase of the latest generation echocardiogram machine was particularly meaningful to me.
Melody Mahla

Why is it important to you to give back to Northwell?
Northwell is such an important part of the New York community. Both of my children and many of my friends’ and colleagues’ children were born in Northwell hospitals, and we all regularly seek care from Northwell providers. Northwell is such a big part of my family’s life, I can’t help but feel drawn to give back.

How do you motivate others to donate to your Walk team?
We’ve had a lot of success encouraging donations by explaining how donors’ contributions will be spent and highlighting the value of sponsorship opportunities. Many of Risk Management’s external colleagues are connected to Northwell through the birth of their children or care that’s been provided to family members, so that familial tie is especially motivating.

What Matters Most to you as a Northwell employee?
As a Northwell employee, What Matters Most to me is Northwell’s commitment to innovation, community relationships and opportunities for its employees.

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