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Employee Giving

Resolute runner races for caregivers in TCS New York City Marathon

Our employees support the mission of Northwell Health every day with their energy, their enthusiasm and their expertise. On November 3, 2019, some will also support our mission with their feet.

As an official charity sponsor of the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon, Northwell Health secured 15 guaranteed entries for employees who wished to run the marathon as part of Team Northwell. Runners support Northwell by raising at least $3,000, designating the funds for What matters most to them. In addition, this year we are expanding Team Northwell. Employees who received their own lottery entry to the marathon are also eligible to join Team Northwell and fundraise for an area close to their heart.

First-time marathoner Michael Goldberg, MBA, MS, executive director of Long Island Jewish Medical Center, shared with us what inspired him to take up the challenge:

What’s the best part of your role at Northwell Health? 

The best part of being the executive director of Long Island Jewish Medical Center (LIJ) at Northwell is the opportunity to interact with team members, patients and families, and the community. Each day I’m inspired by the accomplishments our team members share with me throughout the hospital. I see the pride they have in their accomplishments and in health care that represents a meaningful impact we’ve made in someone’s life. 

This is further reinforced when I speak with the patients and their families, and they validate and share with me how our teams impact their lives. Seeing the results of our actions to constantly make how we deliver health care better makes this role at Northwell so rewarding.  

What inspired you to run the TCS New York City Marathon? 

Running the TCS New York City Marathon is recognized as a significant physical and mental challenge. I’m determined to run and finish the New York City Marathon because of how difficult it is. I’ve never been a runner, nor do I enjoy running; however, it’s the idea that I can work to achieve something so difficult that interests me. When I complete the New York City Marathon, I want to show my daughters that with hard work and focused effort anything is possible.  

Why is it important to you to give back to Northwell? 

I’m proud of Northwell Health and the ways in which our organization makes an impact in the lives of so many. Over the past 19 years, I’ve had the opportunity to grow from an intern in the finance department to now serving as LIJ’s executive director, and for that I am forever grateful. Northwell offers our team members jobs that enable them to have a rewarding career and provide for their families. Additionally, Northwell invests in many ways to make our community a better place. I can’t think of a better organization to give back to. 

What area are you fundraising for at Northwell Health? Why does this area matter most to you? 

I’m running to help fundraise for and raise awareness of the need to expand the resources we provide to caregivers. Working at LIJ Medical Center, I see caregivers throughout our facility. They accompany a loved one to the Emergency Department. They occupy our waiting rooms while their friend or family member is in surgery or having a procedure. They are a patient’s ride to an appointment, they are their advocates and they are the ones by the bedside hoping for everything to be OK.  

Most of what we do centers around the clinical services we offer to our patients, and I think we have an obligation to create a greater service to those who generously give their time, energy, and sometimes financial support to their loved ones.  

How did you inspire others to donate to your fundraiser? 

I’m thankful and overjoyed by the generosity and support that have been offered to my campaign both financially and emotionally. I believe that inspiring people to donate begins with the purpose — in this case, caregivers. Almost everyone knows someone who has helped another person, or maybe they have received help from a caregiver and understand the importance of expanding Northwell’s caregiver programs. 

Additionally, I announced my attempt to run the New York City Marathon through my Instagram account, @insideLIJ, and I post regularly about the work that goes into training for it. I believe providing updates to those supporting my attempt to run the marathon is important. Sharing this information has resulted in many comments and messages from people offering training advice and encouragement and sharing with me how I’m inspiring them to be more active, not only for themselves but also with their families.    

Employees throughout the health system have gathered around Team Northwell Health to help them meet their marathon fundraising goals. And Northwell’s What matters most Employee Giving Program offers our employees a variety of other ways to enable the mission of Northwell Health to advance — all while providing critical support to the area that matters most to each individual employee–donor.

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