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Meet Donovan: Our #CohenHero who went from a coma to running 5Ks

“I was at work and I got a call from my neighbor telling me my son was hit by a car,” says Laura Garces. “I kept asking if he was okay, and nobody would tell me anything so I knew it was bad. ”

Hit while walking home from school, 13-year-old Donovan was rushed to Southside Hospital. When Laura arrived, she learned that Donovan’s injuries were life-threatening.

A multispecialty surgical team works seamlessly to save a child’s life

Donovan was transported to Cohen Children’s. “We were very happy he was going there because we knew that was one of the best hospitals he can go to,” says Laura. A team of orthopedic, vascular surgery, trauma surgery and neurosurgery specialists came together to save Donovan. “I just remember everybody working on him so rapidly to save his life. They did; they saved his life.”

A portion of Donovan’s skull was temporarily removed to relieve swelling. After multiple brain surgeries and nearly a month in a coma, Donovan moved his foot, then a finger, and then everything started moving. It took him six months to begin speaking again. “Once I started talking, I wouldn’t shut up,” says Donovan.

Rehabilitation brings progress and the strength to run

A spunky, funny young man, Donovan continues rehabilitation with specialists at Cohen Children’s. 

“His biggest accomplishment so far was that he ran two 5K races last year,” says Laura. “We are very, very proud of him about that because he wasn’t even walking when we left here.”

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