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Innovative neurocritical care, thanks to a family’s multigenerational support

Clifford Lane was 8 years old when he was hit by a car while riding his bike, leaving him in a coma. Fortunately, a team of doctors at North Shore University Hospital was able to save his life. 

Clifford’s parents were so grateful, they made a major gift to the hospital.

Decades later, Clifford and his wife, Randi, continued his parents’ legacy by making a multimillion-dollar gift to help improve outcomes for NSUH patients with neurologic conditions.

The Clifford and Randi Lane Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit will ensure patients with conditions and surgical needs related to brain aneurysms and tumors, seizures, and traumatic head and spine injuries receive best-in-class care. 

The expanded unit will be located in the new Advanced Surgical Pavilion, increasing its capacity from 16 to 22 beds and adding private consultation space for doctors and families. The unit will also house the Electronic Neuro Intensive Care Unit (eNeuro-ICU), which provides neurocritical care to seven other Northwell hospitals through video monitoring technology.

Improving care for their community

Clifford says supporting Northwell’s Neurosurgical ICU just felt like the right thing to do for the community. “I have been deeply touched by this area, through my own experience and my father’s, as he had a brain aneurysm and stroke in his later years,” Clifford says. “I’m proud to be associated with ensuring that Long Island has one of the finest Neurosurgical Intensive Care Units in the region.” 

“It is a strict adherence to quality, patient-focused outcomes and innovative research that make this a program of choice nationally,” says Dr. Richard Temes, director of the Center for Neurocritical Care and the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit at North Shore University Hospital. “Supporters like Clifford and Randi Lane help us meet the growing needs of our region and ensure we continue to provide around-the-clock care and the best possible outcomes for our patients and their families.”

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