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Couple puts best-in-class cardiac care within reach of L.I.’s East End

Serious heart ailments require quick diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, East End residents had to travel farther for advanced cardiac services than anyone else in the tri-state area.

But thanks to a $1 million gift by Peggy and Stanley Zinberg, care is a lot closer for many Long Island residents. The Zinbergs’ gift to Peconic Bay Medical Center helped build the Kanas Regional Heart Center.

quotation mark We saw a way to show our gratitude that would benefit the whole community, so we did it.
Peggy Zinberg

A history of giving

The Zinbergs’ support of Peconic Bay began in 2008, when Peggy was treated in the Emergency Department. As a retired physician, Dr. Zinberg was impressed with the attentive care his wife received, but he also saw opportunities for improving the hospital’s facilities.

After Peggy’s recovery, the couple decided to donate $100,000 to help fund renovations to Peconic Bay’s patient admitting area. 

“We were appreciative for the level of professional, quality care I received,” says Peggy, who is a registered nurse. “We saw a way to show our gratitude that would benefit the whole community, so we did it.”

A hands-on approach to giving

Dr. Zinberg had previously served as deputy executive vice president for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, in Washington, DC, and chief of obstetricians at New York Downtown Hospital. With his distinguished healthcare background, he was nominated to Peconic Bay Medical Center’s Hospital and Foundation boards of directors.

While serving on the board, he became aware of a need for an extra level of care for patients transitioning from surgery. The couple acted again. Their support — through a $500,000 grant — led to the outfitting of the Zinberg Progressive Care Unit, open since 2015.

For her part, Peggy served as chair for Peconic Bay Medical Center’s 2017 Annual Spring Gala, a major fundraising event to support the development of the Kanas Regional Heart Center. This was the impetus for the Zinbergs’ $1 million gift.

“Peggy and I have been fortunate in many ways, not the least of which is being residents of one of the finest communities on Earth,” says Dr. Zinberg. “We are happy to join our neighbors and friends in supporting the health and well-being of our shared community.” 

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