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A caregiver honors her family by providing care for others

Rosemary Nalbone has spent her life caring for others. As a young woman, she lost her mother, Raffaela, to breast cancer and became the family’s matriarch. 

She watched over her younger brother, Joey Jr., who was battling diabetes. She encouraged him to fight the disease and pursue his career as an immigration inspector at JFK Airport, while she worked as a receptionist at a Park Avenue law firm.

Recognizing exceptional care for each member of the family

Rosemary accompanied her brother on many trips to the Long Island Jewish Medical Center’s Dental Clinic — now named Northwell Health Dental Clinic — and helped him manage his disease. 

The Nalbone family received medical care at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital. Rosemary “cannot say enough nice things” about the physicians, nurses and social workers she encountered. 

Having visited first her father and then her brother at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Rosemary kindly refers to it as her “alma mater” and considers it a “home away from home.” The rapport she developed with staff, and the respect she received from them as her family’s caregiver, gave her strength to care for her father and then her brother until they passed.

Paying it forward by supporting care for others

The kindness the Nalbones received inspired Rosemary to include North Shore University Hospital as a beneficiary of her estate in honor of her parents and Northwell Health Dental Clinic as a beneficiary in memory of her brother. As the remaining member of her family, she wants to establish a powerful legacy. 

Her gifts will provide for others when she is no longer able to and will forever link the Nalbone name to kindness and caregiving.

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