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Iris and Saul Katz

Married more than 50 years, Iris and Saul Katz have built a life dedicated to family—their own three married children and eight grandchildren, and to families across Long Island. After decades supporting the health system, the two have made their dream of better health care everyone’s reality. 

As a mother, wife and daughter, Iris recognized taking care of scraped knees and escorting loved ones to medical appointments often transformed her into the family’s chief medical officer. While taking care of others, she became concerned with who was caring for a woman’s health needs?

That question inspired Iris and Saul Katz to establish the Katz Institute for Women’s Health at Northwell Health. The longtime philanthropists wanted to ensure that women could access care tailored to their needs – at every stage, at any age. 

The Katz Institute isn’t a single building you walk into, but rather a unique approach to women’s health that connects you to the vast resources and many locations for care within Northwell. Iris and Saul’s support also led to the creation of the Katz Women’s Hospitals at both North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center. 

quotation mark We are committed to supporting the Katz Institute because women are unique and require different care. We want to empower women and arm them with the information to make the best decisions not only for their own health but for that of their family.
Iris and Saul Katz

In 2009, Iris explained that she and Saul had a goal to “create a state-of-the-art medical system that recognizes and appreciates the unique physiological differences involved in treating women.” That vision is now a reality. 

Saul played a key role in the 1993 merging of Glen Cove Hospital, where he served as a Trustee for 12 years, with the North Shore Health System. Two years later, he became Chairman of the North Shore Health System and precipitated the 1997 merger with Long Island Jewish Medical Center. He worked with both entities to create the 14-hospital system originally known as North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System and became the first Chairman of the combined board. 

Iris and Saul are exceptional visionaries and have dedicated both time and philanthropic support to shaping Long Island’s healthcare for 35 years.