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Our pacesetters
These are the people who help us make the impossible, possible. By believing in us and supporting our mission — they help us innovate to care and cure. Because they share our vision to change health care for the better, we can outpace the impossible for everyone in our care.
Hospital pacesetters
The Entemann family's longtime vision is making quality health care closer to home in Suffolk County.
We want future doctors to decide what they are passionate about in medicine, not what is necessary to pay back a loan.…
I believe that if you can save one person or one animal, you have begun to save the world.

Women's health

Iris and Saul Katz
We are committed to supporting the Katz Institute because women are unique and require different care. We want to empower women and arm them with the information to make the best decisions not only for their own health but for that of their family.
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Being involved at the Feinstein Institute, you see the power of research and the brilliant minds of the men and women…
These brilliant and energetic investigators are tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.
We believe that giving back is a great — and the right — thing to do. We wish everyone would.
Children's health
Our foundation is committed to supporting the superior care of children provided at Cohen Children’s.
It has always been our goal to help provide the best available care to the children on Long Island and beyond.
We felt we could make the environment a little bit friendlier so kids might have a better experience in the hospital and…
Hospital pacesetters
Building Lenox Health Greenwich Village, a state-of-the-art medical complex with 24/7 care to serve this diverse and…
I am motivated to build facilities that make the patient experience a lot more pleasant.
The Friedman Foundation continues the innovative work of pioneering physician, Dr. Gerald J. Friedman, through its…