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Women's health stories
Pamella panicked when she found a lump in her breast — not only because she might have cancer, but also due to costs associated with treatment. Then, she heard about Huntington Hospital's Dolan Family Health Center.
Six-and-a-half months into her first pregnancy, Gina Samet learned she had invasive breast cancer. Dr. Karen Kostroff created a plan to treat the cancer while keeping baby safe — part of Northwell Health’s commitment to seeing people fully.
Dr. Neil Tanna made it his personal mission to discover better solutions for women genetically at risk for or diagnosed with breast cancer. After a 15-month, international quest for answers, he and his colleagues found and implemented a novel robot-assisted surgery.
Breast cancer surgical patients benefit from SAVI SCOUT technology that eliminates waiting time before surgery and the discomfort of a threaded wire in their breast. A device is inserted up to a month before surgery at an outpatient facility convenient to them. The device then guides the surgeon.
Reflexology sessions, care coaching and other support services helped Catherine Ptarcinski after her breast cancer diagnosis. The services are offered by the Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer Outreach Program — breast cancer survivors supporting other women through the journey.
Dr. Marianna Knopov thought stress was causing her high blood pressure; actually, it was a blocked coronary artery. To show thanks for the care she received, she walked the runway at the 25th Annual Katz Institute for Women’s Health Luncheon and Fashion Show, which raised more than $1.2 million.
Breast cancer at age 31 left Danielle Santiago devastated. Her oncologist at Katz Institute for Women's Health suggested she freeze her eggs, enabling her to move beyond feeling that cancer had robbed her of all her options as a woman.