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Children's health stories
A 90th birthday celebration at Cohen Children’s Medical Center honored donor Tom Gambino. At the celebration, Dr. Jeff Lipton was named the Frances and Thomas Gambino Professor of Hematology/Oncology at Hofstra/Northwell.
Longboarding quartet rode 120 miles across Long Island to raise money for Cohen Children’s Medical Center’s Survivors Facing Forward, a program that works with survivors of childhood cancer throughout their lifetimes to ensure they get the follow-up care they need.
Children aren’t tiny adults – so at Northwell Health, we don’t treat them that way. Our latest project will create specialized operating rooms to ease the fears of patients and their parents.
A brother and sister with spina bifida and hydrocephalus are free of the shunts that drained the fluid in their brains — but also led to surgeries and headaches — thanks to a groundbreaking procedure created by their doctor at Cohen Children’s Medical Center.
Donovan’s injuries after he was hit by a car were life-threatening. A multidisciplinary team of surgeons at Cohen Children’s saved his life and started him on the long road to recovery. Rehabilitation has moved him from coma to running 5Ks.
When a brain bleed as a newborn caused hydrocephalus, Teddy needed a shunt to drain the spinal fluid and multiple surgeries. His innovative fortieth surgery allowed him to be shunt-free, giving him the freedom to play baseball and simply be a kid.
Fourteen-month-old Zoe was diagnosed with the rare cancerous tumor neuroblastoma. Treatment over five years at Cohen Children’s included surgery, a clinical trial and chemotherapy and finally brought her the news that she was cancer-free.
Caring for sick kids goes “beyond the medical,” thanks to child life specialists at Cohen’s Children Medical Center. Dedicated to helping kids overcome fears and embrace hope, these specialists empower kids to handle anything life throws their way.
Kidney disease kept 14-year-old Matthew Francis off the basketball court and on dialysis. The teen received the first-ever kidney transplant at Cohen Children’s Medical Center and has returned to good health — and the basketball court.
We felt we could make the environment a little bit friendlier so kids might have a better experience in the hospital and not be terrified…that’s why we give